The Aesop Sensorium

EMAC and Aesop have been collaborating to craft unique spaces that reflect their brand for years. The Sensorium, designed in partnership with internationally renowned architects, Snøhetta, in their Pitt Street store is no exception. This unique space lures you in with its curved, granite covered walls to experience the scents and stories that make up the Aesop product range. Hidden amongst the steel and textured store this feature space is lit with warm tones and candle flames, making it feel like a calming, luxurious cave of treats for the body and mind. The Fragrance Armoire is a custom built cabinet which showcases the product for body and home, which includes a chamber for your coat or scarf or coat to be enclosed within, absorbing the scents to take with you. Then you are led to an interactive marble table, featuring screens with interviews with Barnabé Fillion, the man behind the scents of Aesop. The Sensorium is a statement piece that reflects EMAC’s commitment executing the highest level of detail, craft and storytelling for our clients.

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